ARO Customs Flat Track Racing

Stepped up with forward thinking graphics and lettering as well as our recent developments in patterns and materials. Many of today's flat track stars are going toward more extensive protective armor than those in the past. Some guys have a complete road race suit configuration including an aerodynamic hump. We are even seeing a larger number of riders with generous amounts of Kevlar in their suits. We offer whatever the individual desires for protection and flexibility.

Flat track suits include the following:
  • Entire two-piece suit constructed of leather.
  • Inside the boot or outside the boot configuration.
  • Soft pads or two ply leather anywhere desired.
  • Name and racing number in two colors on back.
  • Kevlar neck with polar fleece lining.
  • Built in poly/nylon lining.
  • YKK zippers.
  • Elastic waist belt in pants.

Customer can include perforated leather, zipper venting, Kevlar stretch paneling, aerodynamic hump, road racing style hard armor, accordion stretch panel, lettering, design, and hybrid material construction.