ARO Customs Speedway Suit

This suit comes in many materials and designs and combinations. Speedway suit is constructed with Leather, Kevlar, and Nylon. Complete suits can be made from any of these materials, as well as mixtures of two or three materials. The Leather suit offers the most abrasion protection, the Kevlar suit offers the most stretch and flexibility and the Nylon suit is the lightest and typically the most colorful. The suits without leather are capable of being washed in the washing machine and air dried. Design is virtually limitless.

The Speedway suit can have any of the protective gear that the rider desires. Road style armor is an option, but normally soft pads are the standard. Placement of these pads can be elbows, shoulders, knees, and seat.

ARO Customs Speedway racing suits include the following:

  • Entire 1-piece suit constructed of leather, Kevlar, or Nylon.
  • Name and riding number in two colors on back.
  • Any soft pads desired; i.e. knees, seat, elbow, shoulder.
  • Left leg clutch grinding pad.
  • Kevlar neck with polar fleece lining.
  • Built in poly/nylon lining.
  • YKK zippers
  • Kill switch D-ring on right lower sleeve.
Customer can include perforated leather, hybrid construction using more than one of our material types, lettering, design, additional Kevlar and accordion stretch panels, and two piece configurations.